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LEKO-PROJECT has been operating since 2003. The main activity of the company is complex design of industrial and civil facilities.


Leko –Project was founded in 2003. The company’s history begins with the design, construction and finishing of medium-rise residential buildings in Chekhov, Moscow region. since 2003, we have started a comprehensive design of large industrial and warehouse complexes, multi-storey residential buildings, commercial facilities, cottage settlements, etc. A separate, parallel development direction in the company is the development of projects for planning the territory of objects of various complexity.


Complex design of buildings and structures is a fundamental activity of the project organization Leko – Project. We make projects “turnkey”, performing the function of “General designer”, developing and bringing all sections of the project documentation together. For us, as for the Customer, an integrated approach to design is one of the main criteria for evaluating the level of the project organization.

The final product received by the Customer is a detailed set of documentation, in which all structural, architectural and technological solutions are part of a whole, a single plan, structured and verified at all stages and stages of design.

The most important component of integrated design is the author’s supervision at all stages of construction, carried out by designers and engineers of the company “Leko-Project”. The author’s supervision of construction allows you to optimize and improve the project, while maintaining the conceived architectural concept. Well-organized work on author supervision also often allows you to significantly reduce the cost of construction of an object.


The Leko-Project company structure is a team of like– minded people who jointly implement ambitious and extraordinary projects that provide competitive advantages and allow them to take a strong position in the project services market. The company’s team includes all the necessary specialists involved in the integrated design process :

– Architects

– designers

– specialists in engineering systems and networks

– technologists

– environmental and fire safety specialists

The company’s staff includes specialists in almost all major construction specialties with many years of experience.

The organization has all the relevant licenses and other permits for the declared types of services.

We are growing

Since January 10, 2017, our company has a Client office for providing cadastral and geodetic services to individuals.

You can Contact the Client office for the following questions:

  • get advice from cadastral engineers;
  • issue a construction permit;
  • technical plan;
  • apartment redevelopment;
  • design of houses and buildings;
  • topographic survey;
  • cadastral and geodetic works.

Address of the client office for individuals:

Chekhov, 45 Moskovska